its the ship 2017 party


Hello world, welcome to my little space of the Internet!

This is Melanie, a hopeless Instagram obsessed, wanderlust-bitten millennial from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This blog was created so that I get to rumble when I have PMS (you have been warned), document my wanderlusting travelogues, occasionally share boring useful stuffs in my life, and also feeding you with big life thoughts of mine.

I’m huge on photography. I’m born with it. We siblings (my brother King) are born with it. We got it from our dad. He loved documenting every single moment of us growing up. We’re dad’s little mini GUESS models since young. We’ve been well-trained. So don’t ask us how we did it for the Gram. You gotta have an awesome dad to begin with. :p

This is me in my realest thoughts & experiences, and yep I could choose to keep it private. But making it public is a way for me to share & connect with awesome people, inspire others and help them, be it with planning their itineraries, taking in new life lessons from my life stories and so on. I’m not the most time-efficient person, but I’ll still try to update this space as often as I could!

I hope my posts helped you in some way. And I hope you come back often 🙂

x, Mel