Jeju with AirAsiaX

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And on last December, I made it!! The good people at AirAsiaX invited me over for their first direct flight launch from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju. Yes, you can now fly directly from Malaysia to Jeju at a much more affordable price. AA will always have a special place in my bank. Please expand faster & fly to more destinations 😁

Jeju, The Republic of Korea’s largest volcanic island, covered with basalt and bags 3 UNESCO-accredited titles, is also known as one of the new 7 wonders of nature in this world. Another thing that I liked about Jeju is that no matter who you’re travelling with, be it your parents, your kids, your besties, or even a solo trip, Jeju has something to offer for everyone.

Jeju’s climate is slightly warmer than Seoul. It barely snows here during winter but we were extremely lucky to see snow this round! Here’s Alvin, me & Leslie, my travel mates on this FAM trip. Cyrus was probably stuck in the snow. 😜

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First things first. Korean beauty mask haul. What I first bought after I landed. Girls being girls ;p

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#1 Sehwa-Seongsan coastal road

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Besides spoiling me with a fancy dinner, a drive down the coastal road enjoying the sea breeze is prolly the most budget way to my heart. (ok chocolate & flowers helps too) Take this 12 km course of refreshing drive down the coastal road where you can enjoy beautiful blue sea & sky in harmony. Do dropby Byeolbangjiseong, Seokdawon & the Hadori Sanctuary for migratory birds.

Suggested time: 2-3 hours

#2 Seopjikoji

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Along the way, drop by the famous filming location of Korean drama “All In”. This place is full with gold reeds (pampas) blowing in the wind, and a beautiful blue backdrop. Super insta-worthy!

Suggested time: 1 hour

pampas pic: @lesliepng

#3 Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak)

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This UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site which is a tuff cone formed when an underwater volcano erupted in the middle of the ocean, is some of the best spots to catch a good Korean sunrise.

Suggested time: 1-3 hours (depending if you do the hike)

#4 Teddy Bear Museum

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Pretty self-explainatory and my happy place! Came here on a mission to find a wife for my teddy son. Got him two instead. Not easy to be a good mom.

Suggested time: 30mins-1 hour

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#5 Jeju Love Land

AirasiaXJeju jeju loveland by melaniesaw.blogThe name says it all, it’s a theme sculpture park about sex. Many explicit & suggestive sculptures for you and your sexcited friends to pose with. Google to see more pics. You’ll love it.

Suggested time: 1 hour

#6 Jeju Glass Castle

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A sweet place for couples to take pics as a memento.

Suggested time: 30mins-1 hour

#7 Jusangjeolli Cliff

jusangjeolli jeju itinerary

Nice place to see the waves crash on the black lava rocks. The unique pillar rock formation was formed when hot lava flowed from the volcano and rapidly cooled when it reached the sea, building layer upon layer.

Suggested time: 30mins

#8 Mount Hallasan

hallasan mountain snow

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My favourite place in Jeju! Super scenic and romantic during winter. We didn’t do the hike, but the trail below the mountain was good enough with thick snow. So much fun snow fighting with them guys!

p/s: If you want to hike during winter, make sure you have the proper hiking gear.

Suggested time: 1-3 hours (depending if you do the hike)

#9 Camellia Hill

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We walked out from our bus to find snow falling outside! All of us were really excited! It was so surreal. So many flowers in full bloom. It’s also a nice spot for #ootds.

Suggested time: 1 hour

#10 Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls


One of the three waterfalls in Jeju and the only place in South Korea that you can see water cascade straight into the sea.

Suggested time: 30mins

#11 Osulloc Tea Museum & Innisfree house

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These two are just side by side. If you’re a green tea fan, head to Osulloc for their sweet-bitter green tea ice-cream. There is also a green tea field outside Innisfree House!

Suggested time: 1-1.5 hours

#12 Jeju Shinhwa World/Shinhwa Theme Park

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A new multi-attraction concept that somehow reminds me of my favourite Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. There will be 2 theme parks (Shinhwa Theme Park currently open, Lions Gate to be opened 2020), spas, casino, waterparks, Shinhwa Shoppes, GD cafe, YG Republique restaurants (check out Fisherman’s Wharf!) and concert venues.

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Plenty of accomodation options here catering to different crowd. Landing Resort (pic above) & Marriott are good for people who prefer hotel rooms/more privacy. Somerset (pic below) is an apartment style accommodation good for families & big group of friends.



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Don’t miss out on Landing Resort’s dinner buffet! It’s really really fresh & goood. My personal take would be their lobsters, sashimis, tendergrilled pork, and the dessert corner is HUGE LOVE.

AirasiaXJeju landing buffet dessert by

See! Get what I mean? I really love sweet stuffs :p

AirasiaXJeju ikon by

We also had the chance to watch a LIVE K-pop concert & YG Super Model 2017 from our front row seats. Talking about getting to see EXID, Seventeen & IKON right in front of me! So lucky hehe. Thanks Jeju Shinhwa World!

#13 Vadada Café

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GOOD VIBEZ GOOD VIBEZ GOOD VIBEZ. Reminds me of Potato Head Beach Club Bali. Food is fantastic. I’d say go for their cakes & prawn burger. Wished I had all day to chill!

Suggested time: 1-3 hours

#14 Baalamb Cafe

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This is like another legit reason you should come to Jeju. So friggin’ nice! For a small fee you get to feed the sheeps here. I was worried that the sheeps will bite off my fingers but it was worth all the trauma coz I get to spam you with my Taobao model wannabe pics WOOHOO

Suggested time: 1-2 hours


#1 Black pork (heuk-dwaeji)

black pork

The guys went for this on the first night while it was too cold for me to even walk to this black pork restaurant in our resort so here’s a pic I got from Google. They reckon it’s good so you should try! The meat is even more delicious if you eat it with mel-jeot, which is a salted anchovy that reduces the pork’s oiliness and makes it tastier.

#2 Jeon-bok (abalone)

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No words needed. Yum yum.

#3 Galchi (hairtail fish)

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Galchi is some really long kinda fish and also one of Jeju’s signature cuisine. There are a few ways of eating galchi: raw galchi, boiled galchi in soy sauce, and fried galchi. We opted for the fried one and it was so yumz. Craving for this as I type!

#4 Obunjagi Ttukbaegi (seafood soup)

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The best seafood delight on Jeju Island is the Obunjagi Seafood Soup. Obunjagi is a mollusk and a close relative of the abalone family. It lives clinging to rocks about 20 meters under the water. Around 70 percent of the total obunjagi found in Korea is from Jeju. The meat is full of calcium, iron and vitamin B.

The tastiest seafood soup I tasted was in Jeju Somerset’s The Clubhouse Restaurant. So sweet and pure. Probably purer than my brother King. Ok jokes but it’s really good.

#5 Sora (turban shell)

AirasiaXJeju sora turban shell by

Ok this is apparently a local favourite. But unfortunately it’s not my jam. Like. NO WAY. It’s for the adventurous ones. I don’t know but I think it smells funny. Leave me comments below if you ate this before. Want to know how you felt lol

#6 Godeungeo (mackerel)

AirasiaXJeju mackarel by

Godeungeo, along with galchi, is one of the most loved fish types in South Korea. The gravy is kinda spicy & portion was quite big for 4 pax, I recommend sharing it with more people.

Happy trip planning to Jeju guys! I hope this helped you as much as I enjoyed writing this blogpost. Feel free to share this to FB/twitter and leave me comments if you have questions!

Things I’ve learnt in 2017

its the ship 2017 cruise

Hello everyone, welcome aboard! Can’t imagine it took me sooo long to get this post done. How did bloggers do that all the time?! 😹 But bragging about my 2017 #yolo year is mandatory before I get into the topic. Please bear with me (pic above, pun intended) coz I’m a grandma who has alot to say. So read at your own risk. lol

2017 was exceptional. It was the year I chose to remain single. And that probably made all the difference. Continue reading